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Teenage Fanclub!  Norman Blake, Paul Quinn, and Raymond McGinley, after playing a free show at Jupiter in Berkeley.

The other guy in the pictures is my sister’s schoolchum Todd, who just so happened to be my guitar teacher and Teenage Fanclub superfan (which is why the first song I ever learned to play on guitar was Mellow Doubt).  I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted these, but not knowing his last name or what he’s been up to these past 15-ish years, I wasn’t able to ask permission.  I hope he doesn’t mind.  

And I also hope he has some sort of Teenage Fanclub google alert because how cool would it be to just find something like this?  I mean, not to make too much of a deal about it, but if over a decade later you just stumbled upon pictures of yourself with your favorite band?  I mean…  well, we know how I feel about these things, and I’m just going to assume everyone agrees with me.  

(But just in case I’m wrong: Todd, if you find this and disagree with me, I’ll take them down right away and I’m preemptively very, very sorry.)

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